Bigger On The Inside

Notes I took as Steve Uppal spoke at Destiny: David – everybody else is running from Goliath but David, about 16 years old with no formal warfare training, is asking what do I get if I take him down. David’s reflex response is suddenly something arises within him and he … Read More

Hearing The Voice of God

We are not guests in the house of God. We are family at the table of the Lord. Coming to the table of God awakens conversation with Him on a very intimate level. The New Testament reveals how Jesus brings Jews and Gentiles together into God’s family. Rom 1:14-17 I … Read More

Crazy Faith Gets Us There

Insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result. Faith is a little crazy because sometimes you have to do a little thing for a long time until something big happens. Keep believing! Don’t give up! You are created in the image of an unconquerable King. His fight exists … Read More

7 Wonders Most Of Us Wonder

Years ago I addressed some common questions we all tend to navigate through in life. Recently I had a conversation with somebody that reminded me of this material so I thought I’d blog and share it. I WONDER IF THERE’S REALLY A GOD? I WONDER IF THE BIBLE IS REALLY … Read More


A New Year’s Resolution is wonderful but a New Year’s Revelation is better. Committing yourself to be a good person is good. Admitting you’re not as nice as Jesus so you let him be through you what you desire to be is better. Obviously God is a conversational God having … Read More

Santa Clause Had A Cause

Just a few hundred years after Jesus lived Nicholas was born to a wealthy family. As he grew up he decided to give away his material possessions and go into ministry. He became known as Nicholas the wonder worker because of his effective prayer life. He would become the Bishop … Read More

Tattoos, Pork And The Old Testament

The Bible is filled with amazing treasures of truth that awaken the deeper purposes of God in our hearts. But have you ever read verses in the Old Testament that make you wonder if some parts of the Bible are outdated or irrelevant? We are told not to cut our … Read More

Gateway Investment Class

You don’t have to settle for merely existing when God’s plan is for you to truly live. Most people spend more time planning their vacation than they plan their future because it’s easier to escape than it is to change. Gateway High School students it was my pleasure to be … Read More

It Is Well

When days grow dark with difficulty we know to run to God. What happens when the day grows so dark so suddenly that you just feel lost in that dark place? Misguided religious people sometimes become a tool of the enemy claiming your circumstances are a curse from God for some bad … Read More

Power Trip

Brokenness seems to be the prerequisite to power in God’s Kingdom. We find Jesus in Matthew 5 about to teach his disciples how to handle being powerful and influential using analogies of salt and light. Not only had Jesus become powerful and influential but he was leading a group of men who … Read More