Emotional Ups & Downs

Life isn’t always easy and emotions don’t always help. Our God-given emotions should be kept in check as followers. We endanger our souls when we allow them to lead. Struggling can be used as an encouraging sign that we are still fighting. If you’re struggling with an area of your … Read More

Strength To You Today

This morning I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to post these for somebody. Pausing to pray for God’s grace, strength and joy to abound in your lives today for everyone who will read this. Life isn’t always easy and our emotions don’t always help. Sometimes I struggle with having … Read More

Financially Empowered

You don’t have to settle for merely existing when God’s plan is for you to truly live. Most people spend more time planning their vacation than they plan their future because it’s easier to escape than it is to change. Three Financial Workshops are available online to help you Discover your … Read More

Fighter’s Frame Of Mind

Stop asking God for easy and get into a fighter’s frame of mind! Paul tells Timothy to take the prophecies that were spoken over him and use them as weapons in the fight (1 Tim 1:18). Our human tendency is to hear a word from God and then take a … Read More

Five Deals

It’s really tough to make progress at anything if you just keep on quitting every time it’s not easy. The Five Deals speak of a common progression we all face in reshaping expectation helping us see things through. Every marriage, every ministry, every new job, etc all have this explainable … Read More


God wants to take you further than discouragement allows you to go. After more than two decades and a huge mistake he named Ishmael, Abraham finds himself in a state of discouragement asking God about that promised son they’d discussed long ago. Abraham is just asking for a son when God … Read More


These are very raw notes with all kinds of shorthand. Just posting because I promised to do so. 2018 is a year of flourishing! Patterns we embrace reveal the priorities and purposes of our lives. When we embrace a pattern we express a purposeful priority. Great sermons don’t fix broken … Read More

God Is Speaking. Are You Listening?

May we all be more sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and the presence of God so conversations become confirmations that God is speaking to us all. Practicing hearing God’s voice daily is the key to hearing with greater clarity. We practice in places of consistently reading the … Read More

Church of Royse City

These are my notes from the leadership session today. These are very sketchy and weren’t written with the purpose of being posted so please forgive all my shorthand, code expressions that only I will probably understand as well as any mistakes. You’ll get the idea especially if you attended the … Read More

Finish Strong – A Tribute To Billy Graham

In 1945 Billy Graham, Chuck Templeton and Bron Clifford were all three evangelists who were attracting capacity crowds! Bron Clifford spoke with such influence and power at Baylor University that it is said that the students actually cut the ropes of the bells of the tower to remove any interference or … Read More