We Are All On A Journey Just Trying To Find Our Way

“We’re all on a journey just trying to find our way” has become one of my most common statements over the past decade. Clearly none of us have life all figured out and the willingness to be in touch with our weakness is the prerequisite to experience God’s grace. I’m … Read More

The Greatest Ministry Happens On The Smallest Level

The more I’m involved in ministry the more I’m learning my greatest ministry happens on the smallest level. Jesus spoke to masses of people very rarely and these large groups were remarkably fickle. The same crowd who wanted to celebrate him was the same crowd who later wanted to crucify … Read More

Santa Claus Had A Cause!

Just a few hundred years after Jesus lived Nicholas was born to a wealthy family. As he grew up he decided to give away his material possessions and go into ministry. He became known as Nicholas the wonder worker because of his effective prayer life. He would become the Bishop … Read More

Don’t Just Go Through The Jesus Motions – Be The Jesus Movement!

We live in a world where conversation, interactions and friendships have become more surface and less substance. In our digital world we must learn to purpose human moments. The danger of anything counterfeit is how unnoticeable it is due to a close resemblance. I remember an episode of Duck Dynasty … Read More