Lawrence Neisent a.k.a. Pastordude

Lawrence Neisent is the Lead Pastor at Destiny Christian Center in Oklahoma City, which is a Church, Christian School with an enrollment of 600 students, and Business Center in the community. He serves as an Elder with several churches as well as serving in various board and advisory roles with non-church organizations. Lawrence is an international speaker seeking to equip the church to be a relevant voice of prophetic influence in the local, national and global community.

Religious Confusion

Jesus didn’t die so we could merely go to church. When we come to church, our lives are enriched. When we become the church, our world is enriched. Largely the world has the wrong idea about the church because Christians have the wrong idea about themselves. The church of our day has embraced a theology that endorses a self-serving existence. We were born for more than that! We are the giant killers of our generation! Be awakened to the purposes of God! Be free from religious confusion!

180 Degree Turnaround

The key to change is to understand that it has more to do with process more than any single miraculous event. Changing the culture of your life is like steering a ship. At first, it appears that not much is going on. Steadily, over time, there begins to be a noticeable change in scenery. So many people live so far below what God has planned for their lives because they simply do not understand the process of change. Do you?.

Deeper More Meaningful

Life’s greatest treasures are within your reach! Mundane moments are opportunities for treasured memories when carefully handled rather than carelessly wasted. This book provides practical help with simple ideas that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The only difference between the two is a little extra. A deeper, more meaningful life is easier than you think, but it won’t happen just because you hope it does.


Lawrence inspires and empowers communicating a practical side of our spiritual lives as well as a spiritual side of our practical lives. There is a stirring passion in his communication that challenges on a level of transparency and authenticity. The Good News is the Jesus Message declaring how this loving God graciously reached out to rescue our fallen world.