What To Pray and Where To Read?

Two of the most common frustrations believers have in their pursuit of God is not knowing what to pray and not knowing where to read. For many years now I have purposed to seek God for a New Year’s Revelation as each new year begins. It’s great to make resolutions deciding what is important to you for the new year. It’s even better to pursue a New Year’s Revelation discovering what is important to God for your life in the new year. This gives a clear direction all year long when you don’t know how to pray. Go back to what you heard God say about the year and explore that deeper and deeper all year long.

Another treasure I’ve discovered in my pursuit of God is something I call “Turn The Page.” Somewhere along my journey I began taking Bibles and dating them at the top of the page. Every day my goal was to turn at least one page starting in Genesis reading all the way through the Bible. Sometimes I turn several pages but I try to turn at least one page every day. When I write the date at the top of the page I also write birthday, anniversary or special memory occasions to the side of the date. These Bibles become incredible heirlooms of encouragement for the next generation. We all have to ask what it is about our lives that will make an unborn generation look to Him – Ps 102:18 That a people yet to be created may praise the LORD. NAS

One final note – read the parts you don’t understand. Over time you’ll understand more things the more you read. But besides any understanding it is important to note that you are not only feeding your mind, you are nourishing your spirit. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our bodies need food that gets back to nutrients from the origin of our bodies, the dirt. In the same way our spirits need nourishment that links back to the origin of our spirits, God’s breath. To be inspired means to breath in. Interestingly the word that translates spirit also translates air in the Old Testament Hebrew and the New Testament Greek languages.

Making time to be alone with God on a regular basis is vital to our spiritual well being. This is why it’s important to read even when if the mind doesn’t always understand the text.

Now you know what to pray and where to read. Knowing what we ought to do and doing what we know to do are two different things. Go for it!

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  1. I have been getting up early for the past 7 months, praying and reading the Bible. I am Distracted by the Worries of the day or what some one did or didn’t do and if I don’t catch it in time its time for me to go To Work. God stuff pastor spirit FED spirit lead.

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