Investment Class for Destiny Seniors

Really enjoying getting to know the Graduating Class of 2018!!!

Keep in mind that what goes up comes down and what goes down comes up. The market is like a gradually climbing seesaw that will have short term cliffs to climb and fall from. Obviously risk taking is the key to having an investment portfolio that does more than climb safely over a long period of time.

My personal investments do contribute to the game results so the game has some distinction every year. This year I’ve been talking about a stock that I’m watching very closely right now so if you pay attention to that stock you will have some sense of expectation for that particular sector especially.

There has been discussion of a possible¬†breakthrough in cancer research addressing cancer in the blood and these kinds of news reports can also affect game results. Keep checking in on my blog to get a few more insights and if you don’t discuss my blog it will give you the advantage over those who don’t check it. If you discuss it then there really is no advantage. Those who study and research in any areas of life tend to advance in those areas more effectively.

Good luck!

The first three students in my class to post a comment will receive $20,000 added to their investment dollars.

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