In regard to our investment game there seems to be a LOT of attention around some tension between the Tech sector and the Health sector. Negotiations and discussions are taking place that are creating a lot of interest as these two sectors intersect for what sounds like it could be a major breakthrough having to do with the recently mentioned cancer research and some technological advancement that still seems a little veiled without much being said publicly at this time. It seems that there is competition within this partnership to advance rather than cooperative efforts for everybody to enjoy a profitable conclusion. Tuesday will be a very interesting day for the investment game for sure.

As we begin on Tuesday we will do another risk/reward drawing. Three names will be drawn and each of the three will receive $100k if participating. There will then be a 4th name drawn and that person will lose $100k if participating. Leaving a comment here before Tuesday will give you immunity to any loss and you will only be playing to win.

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