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These are my notes from the leadership session today. These are very sketchy and weren’t written with the purpose of being posted so please forgive all my shorthand, code expressions that only I will probably understand as well as any mistakes. You’ll get the idea especially if you attended the three hour session this morning. Blessings all!

The greatest gift you can give your family, your friends and your world is an inspired, vibrant you

 Phil 3:10 [For my determined purpose is] that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him… (AMP)

 “The greatest tragedy ever, is a sick church in a dying world.” 

-Leonard Ravenhill

 Eph 1:23 The church, you see, is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the church. The church is Christ’s body, in which he speaks and acts, by which he fills everything with his presence. MSG

Family prayer begins with conversation of who do you sense God wants us to pray for.

Invitation to grow deeper as a lifestyle. Mentoring is easy just take someone with you in whatever you are doing to know Jesus more intimately.

  • Devotions? #turnpg Prayer? 7 Day focus for season
  • Do you serve?
  • Do you show up for prayer/pre-service rally?
  • When attending come early just to connect?

Ministry is a lifestyle!

When we gather together in worship faith levels rise, hope is inspired, dreams are awakened and the enemy is more readily defeated in our lives! This atmsphre grows giant killers!

 Rhythm is more powerful than encounter but the encounter has the power to shape a rhythm for the rest of our lives.

 To be effective we all need:

  1. Deep Conviction
    1. Discover why u do what you do not just why we do what we do
  2. Deep(er) Devotion – Courage
    1. Develop a tenacious rhythm of life that will affect your rhythm of ministry.
  3. Rel IQ Healthy Relationships

Character defects grow for years beneath surface of our lives. We’d rather project image of adequacy

instead of taking an honest & unsettling look at selves.

We must be very careful not to be notoriously known for dysfunctional behaviors.

If Fred is short with his wife – people might say u pulled a Fred right there u better apologize.

If Suzy is constantly seeking attention – Okay Suzy!

What are you notoriously known for?

Many driven leaders are secretly motivated by fear of failure, desire to please ppl or a desire for recognition.

Driven leaders drive others & take their toll on people – Inspiring Lders inspire others & leave their mark on people!

Is a Difference between a convincing ldr w strng opinions & a compassionate leader with deep convictions.

Prov 28:26 The one who trusts in his own heart is a fool, but the one who walks in wisdom will escape.

Wisdom from God is packaged in plurality.

 Remember David’s story after adultery and murder he’s just going right along until he gets a visit from a guy name Nathan. David’s changed repenting immediately!

It wasn’t that David couldn’t see his sin. Simply that he could not see his sin alone.

It is not good for man to be alone.

Let your conscience be your guide?

  • 1 Cor 4:4 My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent… NIV

 Ministry = 3 basic categories:

Prophets primarily love w wds

  • Sound doctrine of Word & Revelation from prayer

Kings primarily love w wisdom.

  • Budgets, spreadsheets, real estate, Fiscal responsibility

Priests love with their embrace.

  • Personal ministry, touching & helping people

 Which of these 3 is most important? Which part of the Trinity most important?

W/o any one = incomplete.

Charles Swindoll, “Rabbits don’t fly.  Eagles don’t swim.  Ducks look funny trying to climb.  Squirrels don’t have feathers.  Stop comparing.  Plenty of rm in the forest.”

Greatly gifted people tend to be charismatic about their dysfunction making them all the more dangerous!

We all need transparency & community to conquer our blindspots.

Insecurities always outrun logic.

Why we need accountability and true friends. True friends stab you in the front.

When a blind spot takes on an emotional life it becomes almost impossible to track.

Absalom had waged war against father & all of his David’s kingdom 20k of David’s men were killed in battle.

They came carrying news of the victory and his only question was “how is Absalom?”

2 Sam 19:1-7 Joab was told, “The king is weeping and mourning over Absalom.” Victory of that day was turned to mourning as far as all ppl were concerned…The king covered his face and cried out loudly,   “My son, Absalom! Absalom, my son, my son!” So Joab visited   the king at his home. He said, “Today you have embarrassed all your servants who have saved your life…You seem to love your enemies and hate your friends! For you have as much as declared today that leaders and servants don’t matter to you. I realize now that if Absalom were alive and all of us were dead today, it would be all right with you. So get up now and go out and give some encouragement to   your servants.

Normally David would have been asking how the troops were Instead David is in a blind spot only inquiring about Absalom

Who is the Joab in your life who will tell u the truth even if it makes u mad or upset?

Martha upset Mary wasn’t helping. Jesus loved Martha but he wasn’t willing to keep the truth from her. You’re a drama queen & focusing on issues that aren’t Kingdom priorities.

Leadership is complicated & difficult but that’s what ldrs do. We do difficulty well. 

Your greatest ministry happens on the smallest level. God’s impact when he became man changed the world. Humble yourself following his example and make a meaningful difference in somebody’s life today! “I’m gonna chnge world!” You really believe this?

25k miles Global /vs/ 5 foot circle

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