The Brevity Of Life

Unless God’s purposes and power invade the passing shadow of our lives there is nothing to consider of any substance.

May we all continue to grow together in a deeper understanding and a greater reality of what it truly means to live our lives in light of eternity.

May we learn to reflect on the reality of brevity of this life and the perspective of eternity that awakens us to deeper places of the reality for which we were created to behold.

Heb 10:34 You…joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, knowing that you yourselves had a better and permanent possession. NIV

Heb 11:35 Some were tortured, refusing to accept release, so that they might rise again to a better life. NIV

James 4:14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. NIV

Job 7:16 “…my days are a breath. ESV

Job 8:9 “…our days on earth are a shadow.” ESV

Job 9:25 “…my days are swifter than a runner; they flee away.” ESV

Job 14:1-2 Mortals, born of woman, are of few days and full of trouble. 2 They spring up like flowers and wither away; like fleeting shadows, they do not endure. ESV

Ps 39:4 Show me, LORD, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is. NIV

Ps 62:9 Those of low estate are but a breath; those of high estate are a delusion; in the balances they go up; they are together lighter than a breath. ESV

Ps 90:3-5 You return man to dust and say, “Return, O children of man!” 4 For a thousand years in your sight are but as yesterday when it is past, or as a watch in the night. 5 You sweep them away as with a flood; they are like a dream, like grass that is renewed in the morning: ESV

Ps 102:3 For my days pass away like smoke…. ESV

Ps 102:11 My days are like an evening shadow; I wither away like grass. ESV

Ps 103:15-16 As for man, his days are like grass; he flourishes like a flower of the field; 16 for the wind passes over it, and it is gone, and its place knows it no more. ESV

Ps 144:4 Man is like a breath; His days are like a passing shadow. NKJV

Eccl 6:12 For who knows what is good for a man while he lives in the few days of his vain life, which he passes like a shadow? For who can tell man what will be after him under the sun? ESV

Shadows don’t have substance yet the healing power of God is described in the Bible in such a way that people brought the sick into the streets hoping to be touched by Peter’s shadow. Unless God’s purposes and power invade the passing shadow of our lives there is nothing to consider of any substance.

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  1. Wow so good. Feel like it’s only something that I’ve really pondered at funerals and people passing away, but seeing how we have to have the eternal perspective all the time!

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