It’s so interesting as I look over years of research and material I’ve prepared in times past about the difference between Leadership and Management. So much of what I have navigated through has been correct but not correctly applied mainly because of my own immature attitudes. Hopefully I’m growing past my immaturities and insecurities over time more and more as I become a little more like Jesus each and every day.

Leadership is more about strategic implementation of the plan. Management is more about tactical implementation of the plan.

Leadership understands what got us here won’t take us there and “there” is continually being explored – to be defined – to be pursued – to be disqualified once we’re “there”. This keeps us from settling in and being satisfied at any and all points of advancement and arrival. Compelling sermons about vision are vitally important to good leadership. Management, however, understands that sermons can’t fix broken systems. We can’t go “there” without making “here” healthy. Systems and procedures are vitally important to good management.

Once again we come back to one of the most basic fundamentals of the faith. We are created in the image of Trinity God/Community God. We are created in the image of community for the purposes of community. Our strengths and weaknesses should not classify us into differing camps. Rather we should unite to fulfill our God-given purpose more effectively.

Learn to be a student rather than a critic. It will help you carry a more complete perspective and draw you more into God’s image. We never know what we need until we know what we are not. When we understand that being incomplete is not being incorrect we are open to that which completes the picture and perspective. This is where God gets glorified and people get dignified and the church begins to function in amazing fruitfulness. We fit together perfectly when we are exactly opposite.


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