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So over the past six months our family has been praying. When the doctor starts talking to you about your child needing open heart surgery it gets your attention. Our oldest daughter, Faith, was born with a bicuspid heart valve. This means we have routine check-ups to ensure everything is okay, we have to be more careful when dental procedures, etc are done. This also means a cardio measurement is taken ever 3-5 years. Then the measurement increased to a 3.1 so we were told we needed to take the measurement every year. The measurement in our previous appointment was 3.5 so more serious concerns were voiced.

We began praying and asking God for wisdom to know how to pray and what to consider, medically speaking. Faith shared with us as we continued to pray as a family how God had spoken to her what was going to happen in our next doctor’s appointment. Rather than the measurement continuing to increase, as would be expected, the Holy Spirit revealed to her that the number would actually diminish from a 3.5 to a 3.2. This was pretty specific so we all began praying and declaring this word in agreement.

We have just come from this doctor’s appointment. After walking through the various tests the doctor came into the room and began talking to us about today’s measurement. The measurement was 3.2. Tracy, Faith and I had a funny look on our faces as the doctor tried to continue with the appointment. Finally I explained that Faith had been praying about this and felt the Lord had told her the number was going to be 3.2 today. I’m not sure what the doctor believes in regard to God but she was clearly astonished that we came in with the measurement to the 10th of a centimeter that she had just concluded.

To God be the glory. This journey isn’t over as we have further tests to consider. But God is clearly involved in all of our lives in a way that should cause us all to live life from an entirely different point of view. We are not victims. We are victorious. What does God have to say about your situation? Don’t just listen to the circumstances. Listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him reveal what you are to declare in places of prayer and faith. We won’t always get it right. There have been times Faith has shared something she felt God was speaking that didn’t pan out. There have been a number of those times in my life and yours probably as well. This should not discourage us from pressing in to learn to hear the voice of God with greater clarity every day that we live in this earth.

Faith’s Life Verse that the Holy Spirit gave us when we found out we were having our first child is Isa 41:10 Fear not! For I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I’ll uphold you with my righteous right hand. We have memorized and rehearsed this with her from a very young age and she will carry this word stronger as a result of the challenging situation we have walked through today. God is faithful!

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  1. A perfect name for her, faith, with God and your LOving family she will lead a normal healthy life, walking with her Lord!

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