Destiny Investment Class

Get ready for a wild ride with your investments this week.

If you’re reading this information I’d suggest you not share it with those not taking time to read what I’m writing. Your reward for research positions you ahead of other investors.

Rumors are starting to fly! The trovan transponder microchip was being used medically for spine injuries. This was a medical breakthrough in and of itself. Other companies began seeing the benefits of this technological capability in its capacity to store incredible amounts of information.

Now it seems that all eyes are on this sector with incredible anticipation of what might actually come from these tech giants who have provided this breakthrough capacity. This provides an opportunity to very securely and conveniently possess your personal information. These chips can be inserted just beneath the skin and have been used to identify pets in times past and with a simple scan an abundance of information can be revealed. This could change the way we live as a society. There are major concerns being voiced by small sects of people claiming this technology has something to do with Biblical expressions of the last days.

(Disclaimer: This is information for an investment game I play with the Senior Class of DCS. This information is strictly for use of the game and is not true information about anything actually taking place in the market today)


To the first 3 students to leave a comment: You will receive $100k to your investment portfolio and Monday I will have each of you pick a student in the class to increase their investment portfolio by¬†$50k. Remember I have to approve the comments so you won’t see them show up immediately after you post. Good luck students!

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