Motion Gets Attention

If you want to avoid falling under criticism just hide from your critics and never try to walk on the ice. Playing it safe and being careful not to do anything will help you never to be noticed. If you don’t say anything and don’t do anything then you won’t be anything anybody looks at or criticizes. The problem is that you were born for something so settling for nothing will be unbearably worse than being criticized.

Recently I made a statement to our team as we looked at the extremely busy six weeks ahead, “Motion produces friction.” This was my way of preparing everybody to realize that the more motion we have in many directions the more likely it will be that we experience frustration with each other as a church family.

We’ve endearingly referenced a phrase in the past that reminds us how much we value being a church family that is constantly on the go. The phrase, “poop in the manger”.  Proverbs addresses this as it references the value of a clean manger comparing to the greater value of having an ox even though you have to clean up the crap that comes with it.

Prov 14:4 Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, but much increase {comes} by the strength of ox. NAS

It’s just not worth it to have a clean manger if nobody is being changed and fruitfulness is not the norm. Beware, if you decide to take the risk of making an impact there will be critics who will notice your motion. Once you make motion you’ll get attention and not all of it will be good.

If you forget that it’s not about you then you will crumble under criticism. If you are going to call the shots you are going to take the shots. The most blessed leaders WILL be criticized and many times that criticism comes from believers rather than unbelievers.

“If you are going to have a Christ-like ministry then you will be misunderstood…and you will be criticized by religious people. The lost people LOVED Jesus…the religious people could not stand Him!!!” ~Rick Warren

Listen to criticism you’ll think you’re worse than you are. If you listen to praise you’ll think you’re better then you are. If you discover who your true friends you can listen to them to hear the truth and stick with you through it all. Your Friends don’t need an explanation. Your critics won’t believe you even when you try to explain!!!

“Any fool can criticize, condemn & complain – and most fools do.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Rom 2:1 “…Every time you criticize someone, you condemn yourself. It takes one to know one. Judgmental criticism of others is a well-known way of escaping detection in your own crimes and misdemeanors.” (Message)

Gossip is a symptom of an unfulfilled, boring life. The only way you can focus on my life is because there is nothing happening in yours!



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6 Comments on “Motion Gets Attention”

  1. When you take Risk many peole will look to you to see what you are doing. You may get critisism and fall under pressure. DOn’t crumble. When you take risks you will be rewarded. Don’t listen constantly to what people say about you because you may get down On yourself and quit trying.

  2. We are the hardest on our selfs. When we are being told how we fail constanly Then we will start to belive that we are not capable of great things. If we start to listen to people who want to get things and conStantly liSten to them tell us how good we are, we will begin to Get a big head. So we need To find trustworthy friends. FriEnds that will tell us the truth when we need to hear it.

  3. CritiCism makes us into who we are, &5 just depends on the cRitiCism you listen to. Your friends are the people who will give you that criticism the best. You will truly find who your real friends are by who gives ou the harder Criticism to better yourself. We need to realize though that not everything is about us. And make things happen in your life! dont be so self absorbed that you forget

  4. To see the things around yOu. One of the main things around you is Your friends and you really wont Find who the Good ones are if you dont invest in them Either. Use eachother to make eachother better versions of yourselves.

  5. If we dont take risk then we will never know what we are capable of doing. If we take risks we have to deal with oThers critiZism but you can buIld on that to make yourself better and stronger. If you dont take risks you Will always have that what if thought.

  6. being criticized is something many people fear nowadays. but you cant let that stop you. and once you learn that criticism is apart of what makes you better, then youll be a better person and youll have a mind of your own.

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