“Submi+tion” = Submission Before Devotion

Submission before devotion keeps us from letting our ambition outrun our assignment. Pursue your call not your potential otherwise your ambition will easily outrun your assignment. Winning the wrong race isn’t winning at all. #focus

Jesus wants to reign unchallenged on the throne of your heart. Hold his seat when other things try to take his place.

    • Most people spend their entire lives trying to be who people want them to be and never discover who God created them to be.
    • Don’t spend your entire life getting better at what you do missing the point of who you are.
    • The opportunist spends their entire life trying to get better instead of trying to figure out who they are.
    • What if we spent our entire lives refining & perfecting doing whatever it is we’re doing instead of becoming who you are supposed to be.
    • When we are distracted by selfish motives we get hijacked from the purposes of God.
    • Jesus isn’t trying to take you where you want to go. He’s trying get you where you need to be.
    • If you’re not careful opportunity can cause you to lose your identity.
    • Pursue your call not your potential!

One Comment on ““Submi+tion” = Submission Before Devotion”

  1. Great insight. For many years i chased money, instead of my dreams and my calling. Gradually god is revealing my purpose at times it is a bit overwhelming. I will conitnue to pray for eyes that see ehere he is taking me and for ears that hear his whispers, conversations, and no’s.

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