Family Picture Fun

My oldest daughter, Faith, said it very well when posting one of these on her instagram: “Real talk: Even though this picture is “picture perfect” it was a struggle. From spending hours on getting ready, having ten outfit changes, a meltdown because nothing was working, and going through 300 pictures … Read More

Protestant Reformation 500 Year Anniversary – 10/31/1517

500 years ago today Martin Luther expressed one of the most important protests in history. He was angry with Roman Catholic officials who were promising forgiveness or early escape from purgatory in exchange for money. On October 31, 1517, Luther nailed a long list of complaints on the door of … Read More

Dream Team Conference Notes

Great to be with Pastors Bryan & Crystal Sparks this weekend for their Leadership Conference. Splashing a few of my notes to my blog. MAIN SESSION: Rhythm & Atmosphere The greatest gift you can give your family, your friends and your world is an inspired, vibrant you NOTHING CAN STOP … Read More

Revelation – End Times

As I have been leading our congregation to gain insight and understanding of how Jesus is revealed in each book of the Bible it has been challenging in many ways. One of those ways is the demand to study and explain things I might otherwise avoid. As we began to look … Read More

You Can Hear The Voice Of God

Pain is to the body what conviction is to the spirit. The Holy Spirit is right there prompting, guiding and directing every step of the way. Practicing hearing God’s voice daily is the key to hearing with greater clarity. We practice in places of consistently reading the Bible and prayer. Don’t … Read More


What if boundaries weren’t limitations but liberties? What if these guidelines from God weren’t to confine us but rather they existed to protect us and release us? The Bible is full of exciting principles that we can study, learn, understand & put into practice so we can experience life that … Read More

Prayer Strategy

This is a 24/7 prayer strategy to give focused direction in how to pray in this next season each day of the week. Please save the screen shot images to your phone so you can join me in praying specifically with a corporate focus every day of the week. Remember that … Read More


In regard to our investment game there seems to be a LOT of attention around some tension between the Tech sector and the Health sector. Negotiations and discussions are taking place that are creating a lot of interest as these two sectors intersect for what sounds like it could be … Read More

Investment Class For Destiny Seniors

No class until Tuesday so I’ll post a few things for you this weekend. Obviously I am trying to tamper with your understanding of “what is normal”. Normal is common and it is hard to stand out in life if you are focused on fitting in. A central concept to all … Read More

Investment Class for Destiny Seniors

Really enjoying getting to know the Graduating Class of 2018!!! Keep in mind that what goes up comes down and what goes down comes up. The market is like a gradually climbing seesaw that will have short term cliffs to climb and fall from. Obviously risk taking is the key … Read More