These are very raw notes with all kinds of shorthand. Just posting because I promised to do so. 2018 is a year of flourishing! Patterns we embrace reveal the priorities and purposes of our lives. When we embrace a pattern we express a purposeful priority. Great sermons don’t fix broken … Read More

God Is Speaking. Are You Listening?

We are not guests in the house of God. We are family at the table of the Lord. Coming to the table of God awakens conversation with Him on a very intimate level. The New Testament reveals how Jesus brings Jews and Gentiles together into God’s family. Rom 1:14-17 I … Read More

Church of Royse City

These are my notes from the leadership session today. These are very sketchy and weren’t written with the purpose of being posted so please forgive all my shorthand, code expressions that only I will probably understand as well as any mistakes. You’ll get the idea especially if you attended the … Read More

Finish Strong – A Tribute To Billy Graham

In 1945 Billy Graham, Chuck Templeton and Bron Clifford were all three evangelists who were attracting capacity crowds! Bron Clifford spoke with such influence and power at Baylor University that it is said that the students actually cut the ropes of the bells of the tower to remove any interference or … Read More

The Rhythm Of Prayer Will Change Your Life

This is a 24/7 prayer strategy to give focused direction in how to pray in this next season each day of the week. Please save the screen shot images to your phone so we can all be praying specifically with a corporate focus every day of the week. Remember that Thursday is … Read More

The Final Quest

Audio book: THE FINAL QUEST By Rick Joyner This is a panoramic dream and vision I received in early 1995. This is obviously allegorical, as are most dreams and visions. I have tried to be faithful to what I actually saw and experienced. The Evil Army I saw a … Read More

Life’s Greatest Treasures Are Within Your Reach

When Jesus came teaching in Matt 10:7 that the Kingdom of God is at hand, I believe He was revealing that life’s greatest treasures are within our reach. It’s so easy to simply be consumed by life allowing the most important things to slip away. One of the most common … Read More

Blind Spots In Life

The nature of a blind spot is that you look in that direction but still don’t see it. This is why we need lines of accountability and faithful friends who will tell us the truth in love. Paul makes it clear that a clear conscience alone is not what makes … Read More

Jesus In Every Book Of The Bible

Recently I shared that these messages were posted on my website but then realized that they’ve not been linked yet. You can access these messages from our church website here instead at this time.

Fuel The Fire notes

I tried to correct abbreviations, etc I had in my notes. I think this should communicate the essence of what I brought in today’s first two sessions: 1st Session: WHAT’S GOING ON INSIDE? Where you are coming from matters because your point of origin determines your frame of reference. Eph … Read More