Dream Team Conference Notes
Lawrence Neisent | 30 September

Great to be with Pastors Bryan & Crystal Sparks this weekend for their Leadership Conference. Splashing a few of my

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7 Wonders Most Of Us Wonder
Lawrence Neisent | 26 September

Years ago I addressed some common questions we all tend to wade through in life. Recently I had a conversation

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Revelation – End Times
Lawrence Neisent | 20 September

As I have been leading our congregation to gain insight and understanding of how Jesus is revealed in each book of

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You Can Hear The Voice Of God
Lawrence Neisent | 13 September

Pain is to the body what conviction is to the spirit. The Holy Spirit is right there prompting, guiding and

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Lawrence Neisent | 12 September

What if boundaries weren’t limitations but liberties? What if these guidelines from God weren’t to confine us but rather they

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Prayer Strategy
Lawrence Neisent | 11 September

This is a 24/7 prayer strategy to give focused direction in how to pray in this next season each day of

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Lawrence Neisent | 4 September

In regard to our investment game there seems to be a LOT of attention around some tension between the Tech

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Investment Class For Destiny Seniors
Lawrence Neisent | 2 September

No class until Tuesday so I’ll post a few things for you this weekend. Obviously I am trying to tamper

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Investment Class for Destiny Seniors
Lawrence Neisent | 31 August

Really enjoying getting to know the Graduating Class of 2018!!! Keep in mind that what goes up comes down and

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Lawrence Neisent | 16 August

Every year we pray into the next year seeking God for guidance and direction in preparation for what is to

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